Land and premises

Property register, land charges and estates management at Trafford Council

Finding a property

Manchester’s Inward Investment Service contains the most up to date listings of all the available business premises and development sites in Trafford, allowing you to refine your requirements before viewing a tailored property search report.

Local land charges

When you buy a house, your solicitor will make a search of the Council's records to ensure there are no hidden surprises, such as motorways at the bottom of your garden or outstanding Notices requiring you to take action to remedy an earlier wrong doing.

Council property register

We maintain map and paper records of all land and buildings owned by the Council.

Estates management

Our Estates Management section deal with the Council's Let Estate. Properties range from a lock-up shop to a major retail development.

Land and property sales

Council properties that become available for sale are listed on this page.

Land reclamation

We facilitate reclamation projects as they are often central to the regeneration of the economy. The Council selects, determines the priorities, and provides finance at an appropriate level for these projects.