Private hire operators licence

A private hire operator's licence is required to enable a person to accept or invite bookings for private hire vehicles.

One person can be licensed and employ/sub-contract an unlimited number of licensed vehicles. However, a licensed private hire driver cannot accept any bookings unless he/she either holds or works for a licensed private hire operator. An operator may pass a booking to another licensed private hire vehicle operator provided that the operator is also licensed by the Council.

Members of the public have initial contact with the operator and make the contract with them even if the operator does not provide the vehicle and/or the driver.

Before an operator's licence is granted the applicant must satisfy the Council that the address from which they intend to operate is suitable and, where applicable, satisfy any conditions that maybe attached to the licence in order not to disturb the ambience of the area.

If you are a vehicle proprietor you may work for any existing operator. However, if you wish to apply for your own licence to operate from premises which will be used as a booking office, you need to obtain planning permission from the Council allowing use of the building.

A Certificate of Public Liability Insurance is required where the public have access to the premises i.e. waiting room etc. However, where no public access or waiting facilities are provided or if you wish to operate your own vehicle from home, this insurance is not necessary.

Anyone applying for an Operators Licence who is not currently a vehicle proprietor or licensed private hire driver needs to have a Statutory Declaration form completed by a solicitor.

Once the application form has been completed, you need to make an appointment to visit our offices, bringing with you the following documentation:

  • Statutory Declaration (if applicable)
  • Certificate of Public Liability Insurance (if applicable)
  • Copy of planning permission
  • Certificate from Department of Trade & Industry, Radio Communications Agency
  • Current tariff card
  • Fee - currently from £181 to £623 based upon number of vehicles

Applications will not be accepted without production of the above.

Once your application has been accepted and the fee has been paid, a licence will be issued.

Application forms

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