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Land at Warburton Lane Notice of Public Inquiry

Town and Country Planning Act 1990 Land at Warburton Lane Notice of Public Inquiry (to be held as a virtual event) and inquiry arrangements

Proposed Development

Outline planning application for a residential development of up to 400 dwellings, including the creation of new points of access, provision of formal and informal open space, ancillary landscaping, car parking and highway and drainage works


Land to the east and west of Warburton Lane, Warburton, WA13 9TT


Redrow Homes Ltd

Planning Inspectorate Appeal Ref: APP/Q4245/W/19/3243720

Local Planning Authority Ref: 98031/OUT/19

A public inquiry is to be held as a virtual event and opening on Monday 19th October 2020 at 09.30.

The reason for the inquiry is in relation to Redrow Homes Ltd’s appeal against the non-determination of the above outline planning application by Trafford Council.

An Inspector, Christina Downes, has been appointed by the Secretary of State to decide the appeal. The Inspector will hold an inquiry, which will open on the date shown above, to decide the appeal. The inquiry could sit for 12 days.

The inquiry will be held as a virtual event run by the Inspector in the normal way but with the parties invited to join via Microsoft Teams.

Documents relating to the appeal can be viewed via the links contained in the dropdowns below. Those downloads with the icon may not be suitable for users of assistive technology.

If you need documents in accessible PDF format you can email us at or call us on 0161 912 3149. We’ll consider your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

CD-A Appellant’s Application Submission (Ref: 98031/OUT/19)
Submissions made during course of application
Committee Reports and Additional Information
CD-E Statutory Development Plan and Supplementary Planning Documents/Guidance
CD-J Viability Policy and Background Documents

Inquiry appeal documents

Rule 6 Party Proofs of Evidence
Heritage and Archaeology
Landscape and Design
Access and Sustainability
Trafford Council Rebuttal Proofs of Evidence
Appellant Rebuttal Proofs of Evidence

CIL Compliance Schedule

Additional inquiry documents

Further links to the additional inquiry documents below will be available in due course.

List of additional inquiry documents
Ref.Document description and link (where available)
1 CEG Land Promotions Limited v Secretary of State for housing, Communities and Local Government v Aylesbury Vale District Council [2018] EWHC 1799 (Admin), 2018 WL 03440406, submitted by Mr Garvey.
2 Inspector’s question on prematurity: Council’s response.
3 Written representation of the Jukanti family (21 October 2020).
4 Email from Mr Gary Hall, Chief Execuive Officer of Chorley Council and Interim CEO of South Ribble Council regarding Mr Lloyd’s involvement on the Leyland Test Track viability case (22 October 2020).
5 Viability Supplementary Note prepared by Mr Nesbitt regarding evidence of Mr Lloyd relating to the Leyland Rest Track viability case.
6 Additional information provided by the Council relating to the viability evidence.
7 Plan showing the 3 main junction locations, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
8 Outstanding points arising from Ms Sandford’s cross-examination, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
9 Information on Mouseprice, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
10 Comparison between Council and Appellant’s abnormal costs and base build costs, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
11/A Note on drainage to the existing ponds to the south-west of the appeal site by Betts Hydro, submitted by Mr Manley.
11/B Response from Mr Beckmann on behalf of Warburton Parish Council.
12/A Letter from MS S Todd, Chief Executive of Trafford Council to Peel Land and Property Group concerning Ms R Coley’s evidence to the inquiry, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
12/B Letter to Ms Todd from Mr J Whittaker, Peel L&P in response, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
12/C Trafford City – Economic Impact.
13 Inspector’s question on prematurity: Appellant’s response.
14 Court of appeal documents in relation to an application to appeal against the refusal of the High Court to grant Peel Investments (North) Limited permission to apply for judicial review (11 January 2018), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
15 Housing Delivery Test Action Plan (August 2020), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
16 The Council’s written response to the design evidence of Mr Haralambous.
17 New Carrington GMSF Masterplan (September 2020).
18 Extracts from Regulation 19 draft Greater Manchester Spatial Framework, including Policy GM-STRAT 11 and Policy GM Allocation 41.
19 Technical Note on Old Warburton Lane by SCP (29 October 2020), submitted by Mr Manley.
20/A Note from Keppie Massie on its experience of viability assessment, submitted by Mr Manley.
20/B Addendum Advice Note prepared by Keppie Massie for South Ribble Borough Council (September 2019), submitted by Mr Manley.
20/C Email from Mr Ged Massie regarding a request from the Council that a representative from Keppie Massie attend the inquiry (4 November 2020), submitted by Mr Manley.
20/D Letter from South Ribble Borough Council regarding Document 20/B, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
21 Additional information from the Council on appeals in Trafford over recent years.
22 Letter from Redrow in answer to Inspector’s questions regarding build out periods and implementation of development (3 November 2020), submitted by Mr Manley.
23 Additional information from the Council on various points raised by the Inspector with Mrs Brown.
24 Warburton Parish Council’s written response to the design evidence of Mr Haralambous.
25 Carrington Relief Road: Outline Business Case – Executive Summary (December 2019), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
26/A Extract from WYAS Archaeological Services Report: Plots E1 and E2 at Carrington – Archaeological trial trenching and excavation (September 2019), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
26/B Emails from Mr P Owen to Mr N Redhead regarding the geophysical survey and trial trenching at the appeal site, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
26/C Historic England: Agriculture – Scheduling selection guide, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
26/D Historic England: Settlement sites to 1500 – Scheduling selection guide.
27/A Report to the Planning and Development Management Committee on developer contributions towards the Carrington Relief Road (15 October 2020), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
27/B Addendum to the above document.
27/C Council’s note regarding the application of contributions to the Carrington Relief Road from sites outside of the policy SL5 area, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
27/D List of schemes making up the anticipated developments in Table 2 of the Committee Report, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
28 Leyland Test Track: Response by Cushman & Wakefield to the Trebbi viability synopsis (July 2019), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
29 Council’s response to the Document 19 Technical Note relating to Old Warburton Lane.
30 Outline Business Case for the Carrington Relief Road (1 May 2018), submitted by Mr Forsdick.
31a Addendum to the above Outline Business Case, inc Appendices A-G excluding Appendix D, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
31b Addendum to the above Outline Business Case, Appendix D, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
32 Carrington Relief Road – Forecast cost profile, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
33 The Appellant’s response to the written representations by the Council and Warburton Parish Council on Mr Haralambous’s
evidence on design matters (Documents 16 and 24).
34 Letter from the Appellant regarding an updated viability appraisal and identification of the potential for affordable housing provision following the submission of reserved matters (6 November 2020).
35 Supplementary Note by Mr Bushell concerning the expenditure profile of the abnormal drainage infrastructure.
36/A Appellant’s Supplementary Planning Note on the Council’s approach to viability and benefit weight on other schemes.
36/B Planning Committee Report on Land at Heath Farm Lane, Partington (12 November 2020), submitted by Mr Manley.
36/C Planning Committee Report on the former Kellogg’s site, Talbot Road, Stretford, submitted by Mr Manley.
37 Appellant’s CIL compliance rebuttal note.
38 Carrington Relief Road contributions calculation, submitted by Mr Manley.
39 Technical Note on the Carrington Relief Road and public transport contributions by Mr Roberts.
40 Appeal decision relating to land east of the former shellfish packing station, South Fambridge (APP/B1550/W/15/3130774), submitted by Mr Garvey.
41 Junction capacity at the Flixton Crossroads in the AM peak for scenarios including the development with and without mitigation, submitted by Mr Forsdick.
42 Appellant’s further response to the Council’s response to Document 19 relating to Old Warburton Lane.
43/A Covering email regarding instruction of The Property Perspective and Bellhouse Surveyors, submitted by Mr Manley.
43/B CV and Terms of Engagement for the author of the Report by The Property Perspective referred to in Mr Nesbitt’s evidence, submitted by Mr Manley.
43/C CV and Terms of Engagement for the author of the Report by Bellhouse Surveyors referred to in M+r Nesbitt’s evidence, submitted by Mr Manley.
44 The Council’s response to the WSP note on other planning applications, particularly Heath Farm Lane (Document 36A).
45/A Schedule of draft conditions agreed between the Council and Appellant.
45/B Schedule of draft conditions not agreed by the Appellant.
45/C Council’s suggested amended noise condition.
46 Written representation by Altrincham and Bowdon Civic Society (11 November 2020).
47 Chronology of events regarding RPS involvement in the archaeology evidence to the appeal and related emails (see Document 26B), submitted by Mr Manley.

Planning Obligation by Unilateral Undertaking dated (TBC), submitted by Mr Manley (awaited as per timetable).


 Costs application by the Council.


 Costs reply by the Appellant.


 Final costs response by the Council (awaited as per timetable).


Warburton Parish Council's closing submission.

Christopher John Holland v Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, Royal Borough of Greenwich, Peter Hearn.

51 Council's closing submission.
52 Appellant's closing submission.