Adult learners

There is no automatic entitlement to free transport to an education or training provider once you are over 19. However, we consider what travel assistance and provision is necessary to help adult learners access education and training to help them move towards more independent living. This only applies if you are attending a course which you started after your 19th birthday, in the following circumstances:

  • You are an adult learner aged 19 or over attending a local authority maintained or assisted further or higher education institution.
  • You are an adult learner up to the age of 25 with an education, health and care (EHC) plan attending education or training outside the further and higher education sectors, where we have secured the education or training and the provision of boarding accommodation in connection with it.

Eligibility for travel assistance is considered having regard to your assessed needs. This could be through your education, health and care needs assessment or your social care assessment.

Where there is an identified eligible need for the provision of travel assistance, as a result of the needs assessment carried out by education or social services, this will be organised by Trafford Travel Co-ordination Unit (TTCU). Provision of travel assistance will be individually reviewed, along with other elements of your EHC plan or care plan, at least annually.

Travel assistance for adult learners will be free of charge.