Transport solutions

A variety of travel assistance solutions are available. These are some of the types of assistance that may be offered:

  • Bus passes for public transport issued by us.
  • Car mileage allowance of 45p per mile if the child is eligible but the parent/carer wants to make their own transport arrangements. If the equivalent cost of us arranging transport is less, then parent/carers will be paid the lower amount. Costs will be reimbursed termly, based on the child’s attendance at school.
  • A personal transport budget may be offered for children with SEND. This means parent/carers can organise their own travel arrangements to school, giving them more flexibility and control. The amount paid will be calculated based on the distance between home and school. Payments are usually made directly into the parent/carer bank account each term.
  • Independent travel training so that children are able to travel independently to and from school and other social activities.
  • Provision of transport commissioned by us for outward and return journeys between home and school.
  • Passenger assistants (PA) may be provided on transport we commission where this is necessary for the safe operation of vehicles and/or care the children.
  • There may be a requirement to incorporate pick up/drop off points as part of the travel solution. If this is required, all relevant parties will first be consulted.