Appeals can be on the grounds of: 

  • young person’s eligibility
  • travel arrangements offered 

For all appeals there is a two stage appeal process. 

Stage one 

You can request a review of our decision. Requests must be submitted in writing within 20 working days from receipt of our decision. The request should explain why the decision should be reviewed and provide any additional information about personal or family circumstances which you feel we should consider. A senior officer will review the decision and inform you of the outcome in writing within 20 working days of receipt of the written request for review. 

Stage two 

If you are not satisfied with the outcome at stage one, you can make a written request to escalate the matter to stage two. Requests must be submitted in writing within 20 working days from receipt of the stage one outcome letter. Within 40 working days of receiving your request, an independent appeal panel will consider written and verbal representations. The independent appeal panel will be independent of the original decision making process but not necessarily independent of the council. You will receive a detailed written notification of the outcome within 5 working days of the panel meeting. 

For more information about the appeals process, see the statutory guidance.

Any appeals received just before or during the school or college summer holidays may be delayed if there is any information to be considered which cannot be obtained from the school or college due to closure. 

Once you have gone through both stages of the appeals process you cannot re-apply for travel assistance within the same academic year unless there has been a significant and material change in circumstances.