Chaperone licence

Children who take part in public performances or entertainment under a local authority licence must be supervised by an approved chaperone - unless they are in the care of their parent or an approved tutor.

Chaperones can only be approved and licensed by the local authority in which they live.

Applying for a chaperone licence

To apply for a licence you will need to:

  • Complete and submit a Chaperone Licence application form.
  • Apply for a DBS check through Trafford Council (administration fee applies). Use your application reference number to link your check to your application. If you already hold a DBS which has been issued in the last three months please have your reference number ready to enter on your application.

Responsibilities of chaperones

Chaperones are responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of each child in their care, including:

  • Ensuring the child has enough breaks and meals.
  • Taking action if the child is ill, upset or tired.
  • Identifying and managing health and safety issues.

You should apply at least 8-12 weeks before you need the licence.