Child Performance Licence

We require at least 10 working days in order to process a child performance licence from the date we are in receipt of all the necessary information.

If any child, including those of compulsory school age, is involved in performances, they must be licensed by the local authority and properly chaperoned. Young people involved in performing are protected by legislation, in particular the Children (Performances and Activities)(England) Regulations 2014.

A licence will not be granted unless the council is satisfied that the child is fit to take part in a performance, that their education will not suffer, and that proper supervision has been made to secure their health, comfort and kind treatment.

Further guidance and examples of good practice can be found on the National Network of Children in Employment and Entertainment (NNCEE) website.

Children must be licensed if they:

  • perform on stage
  • perform in a TV production, film, commercial or modelling work
  • take part in paid sport


  • they are paid
  • they need to be absent from school
  • they will perform for more than 4 days in a 6-month period. 

Please contact us if you wish to apply for a child performance licence.

Performances that do not need a licence


In certain circumstances an exemption from the licensing process may be possible. Where a child has not performed on more than four days in the last 6 months and is not being paid (providing there is no absence from school) the performance may be exempt   The person responsible for the production should complete and submit an exemption form at least 21 days before the performance takes place. For more information please contact us

Body of Persons Approval

In certain circumstances Trafford council may consider issuing a Body of Persons Approval to an organisation for performances involving children. This type of exemption may be appropriate providing no payment is being made to the child (or to anyone else), the child will not be absent from school to take part and the performance is taking place within Trafford Council boundaries.

An approval will only be granted providing the above criteria are met and the council is satisfied the organisation has clear, robust and well embodied policies for safeguarding children. For more information please contact us.

Advice for parents

 As a parent, you will receive a copy of the licence. The licence is a legal document and any conditions that have been applied must be adhered to. When you receive your copy please read it carefully.

The licence will state which days, if any, your child has permission to be absent from school. A licence issued for TV work will state how many days absence the head teacher may be willing to grant for filming work. You will need to contact the school to request absence in advance of each filming engagement. Please note that the school may not agree to authorise the absence if it is believed that your child’s education will suffer as a result.

A child must be chaperoned by their own parent or by a chaperone approved by a local authority.