How the early education scheme works

Free early years places can be delivered by any provider included in Trafford’s directory of early education providers. See becoming an early education provider for information about how to join the directory and the provider agreement.

This is the key information you need to be part of the scheme:

  • How early education is funded describes the funding elements you will receive.  Funding is paid in advance so you can offer early education places free at the point of delivery.  
  • Early years pupil premium is additional funding for early education providers to improve the education for disadvantaged 3 and 4 year old children.
  • Term dates are the weeks that term time only and all your round funding can be claimed.  
  • Provider timeline describes all the important dates including deadlines and payments.
  • Understanding a 30 hours code is a quick reference guide for making sure a 30 hours code is valid before a child starts their place.