Neighbourhood Watch

We should all feel safe in our homes and communities. Without a sense of security, people are prevented from living their lives to the full. They may feel they do not have control, are less willing to go out, lack a sense of belonging and may not engage in social activities.

How can I set up a Home Watch scheme in my area?

Setting up a scheme is very simple. It is up to you how you run your scheme, but there is always help available from the council and the Police. So, to get started:

  • Ask your neighbours if they are interested in joining a scheme. It doesn't matter how many members you start with, whether it is 4 or 40, as long as you are all working together.
  • Contact the Partnership Team on 0161 856 8676, and they will arrange a date for a member of the local neighbourhood police team to meet with you and your neighbours. This is when the scheme will be 'launched'.
  • After the launch, you will receive help and advice on how to Co-ordinate a scheme plus you'll receive copies of homewatch invitation cards for each of your members and other neighbours.