Noise, environmental and water polution, and information on other nuisances

 Coronavirus (Covid-19) update: Environmental Protection

The Environmental Protection Service is still open and investigating your complaints around statutory nuisances, e.g. excessive noise, burning of waste, etc. However due to the current circumstances there may be a delay in providing a response to your complaint.

We have also made some changes to the way we work. Our officers will not, for the time  being, be carrying out site visits or meetings related to complaints. You may be asked to provide evidence, such as a noise nuisance diary or photos / video to support a complaint.

If you can give us contact details or email addresses we can contact the people responsible for the nuisance to let them know we have received a complaint. We won't disclose the origin of any complaints received.

Noise pollution

Bothered by noise? Neighbourhood noise, industrial sources, barking dogs.

Contaminated land

The Council’s Contaminated Land Strategy, environmental searches, home buyers.

Air quality

The Council’s Air Quality Monitoring Strategy, Air quality data, cleaner vehicles, bonfires and smoky vehicles.


Light nuisance, smoke/odour and dust problems.


Asbestos in the home, safe disposal of domestic asbestos material.

Environmental permitting

The Councils’s environmental permitting of industrial processes program.

Construction information and advice

Control of noise/dust/smoke, How the Council can help.

Water pollution

Private water supplies, bathing waters, mains supplies.

Clean Air Act approval

Chimney height approval for boilers and furnaces.