Business waste - duty of care

All businesses have a legal obligation to dispose of their waste responsibly and keep the area outside their premises clean and tidy.

Businesses that do not adhere to these laws can be prosecuted and could receive large fines.

You can find out about some of your environmental obligations below, or visit the website for further information.

  • You must store your waste safely and securely and you must use a licensed carrier to dispose of it.
  • All business must provide appropriate bags, bins or waste containers. These must be appropriate for the amount and type of waste you produce and must be emptied often enough to avoid spillage onto the street. They must also be made of a suitable waterproof material.
  • If you are a landowner you have a legal responsibility to look after your property and land, to clear it of waste and to keep it in a good state of repair. To avoid breaking any laws, you must not dump waste or allow it to accumulate on your land. You must also secure your property to prevent others from dumping their waste. You must also keep your land and buildings in good condition and carry out any necessary maintenance so that they don’t become seriously dilapidated or unsafe.
  • If your customers drop litter outside your premises and that litter came from within your premises, it is your responsibility not only to remove it but also to provide adequate disposal facilities.
  • In order to avoid being prosecuted or fined, ensure the outside of your business is kept clear of any litter or refuse by providing adequate litter bins and regularly sweeping around your premises.

For further information please email Alternatively, if your enquiry is urgent please call 0161 672 6513.