The Matchmaker Scheme process

If you own an empty property in Trafford and are considering selling it or, if you are looking to buy a property in Trafford, then this scheme is for you.

Types of properties that qualify for the scheme:

  • Properties empty for six months or more.

Benefits for seller and buyer

  • Free service for both seller and buyer. No fee
  • Bypasses estate agent, saves on costs
  • Potential reductions in property price if there is disrepair
  • Reduces outlay for sellers as no need to renovate before selling
  • Simple process for both seller and buyer
  • Properties for sale viewed on a secure Council webpage
  • Choice to pursue offers or not.

Process for sellers

  1. Landlord completes an application form / consent online or applies via email / post.
  2. Consent form with signature is received
  3. Details of property and JPEG photos of property are received
  4. Brief details are uploaded onto Council webpage
  5. Secure password to Council webpage is emailed to seller
  6. Buyer contacts owner
  7. The sale process takes place between the seller and buyer
  8. Landlord notifies us when property is sold.

Process for buyers

  1. Buyer completes an application form online or applies via email / post.
  2. Application form is received
  3. Evidence that they have necessary finance to purchase property is received
  4. Buyer contacts seller to view
  5. The sale process takes place between the seller and buyer.

For more information, please contact the Empty Property Team on 0161 912 1377 or email:

Please note that buyers and sellers can come off the list at any time should they wish.