How do I reserve items that are in stock?

Items in stock or on order can be reserved free of charge. There are two ways to reserve books and other items:

  • Use our online catalogue - you will need to log in to your acocunt using your borrower number (without the TRP) and PIN.
  • Telephone your local library

All requests received are treated as a priority and are dealt with in order of receipt. While we will endeavour to obtain items specifically required by a certain date, this cannot be guaranteed.

Is there a charge?

  • Items in stock or on order can be reserved free of charge. We will notify you when the reservation is ready for collection. There is a charge of 65p per notification letter if sent by post, however if we have your email address your notification is free.
  • For items not in stock there is a charge of £4.50. Requested items may be bought or may be borrowed from another library authority
  • If an item is obtained from the British Library there will be an extra charge of £7.50, this includes photocopied material and items from abroad

The above charges are non-refundable.

Why is there a charge?

The charges above represent a contribution towards the cost of obtaining items which are not in stock in Trafford Libraries. The current full cost of obtaining an item from the British Library is £12.05. The current full cost of obtaining a photocopied article is £8.95.

How will I know when to collect my book from the library?

You will be sent a letter when your book is ready. If you prefer to receive an email when your book is ready for collection please complete an email notification request form.

Please collect reservations within 14 days of recieving notification.. After 14 days the reservation will be cancelled and the item returned to its home library.

Can I request books not in stock in Trafford?

Please search the online catalogue first. If your search brings no results please select the option to request an item.

Requests for talking books can be made by people with a visual impairment.

It is not possible to request DVDs that are not in stock.

What happens if I return books from other library authorities late?

If an item is returned late it will incur a charge of 15p per day.

All renewals and late returns of British Library items will be charged at the rate set by the British Library, a charge of £4.65 per item. If a British Library item is returned late you will also have to pay the charge set by Trafford of 15p per day per item.

What happens if I lose an item belonging to the British Library?

Any items borrowed from the British Library which are lost will be charged at the rate set by the British Library, a charge of £163.10 per item.

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