Trafford health chiefs urge residents to stay safe

Health leaders in Trafford are urging people to take care this weekend as they are out and about in the borough.

Representatives from Trafford Council and NHS Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) are reminding people that they are still at risk from catching Coronavirus.

They are encouraging everyone to practice social distancing, avoid gathering in large groups, and abide by the law by wearing masks in shops and on public transport. Please also remember to wash your hands regularly.

As we reported earlier this week, Coronavirus cases are going up slightly in the borough.  Last week we were seeing most of the increase in people under 40 , with those aged 17-23 accounting for over half the cases.  The latest figures also show that we are starting to see cases rise in people in their forties and fifties.

Andrew Western, Leader of Trafford Council, said:

“Working with public health colleagues, we have done a tremendous job in Trafford in keeping cases very low but we cannot afford to be complacent. This is a very important time for us to make sure we do everything possible to stay safe. I would urge everyone to be vigilant and to stick to the rules around social distancing and hand washing when they meet friends or are out in Trafford’s many shops, bars and restaurants.”

Eleanor Roaf, Director of Public Health at Trafford Council, said:

“We have seen a rise in young people coming forward to be tested and this has led to an increase in positive cases. I would urge everyone to continue to social distance, wear masks where the law says they should, and wash their hands as often as possible. Remember, Coronavirus has not gone away and we need to make sure we all work together to stop it spreading.  If you have any symptoms, however mild, we would encourage you to go for a test.”

Health officials in the borough are working hard to make sure more people of all ages can access tests and that businesses comply with guidance on social distancing.

This work includes:

  •  A mobile testing unit has been set up at University Academy 92 this week, making it easier for local people to reach the site
  • Using social media to remind people of the testing opportunities, including that tests can be ordered online for home testing
  • Inspections of restaurants, pubs and bars since the reopening to remind them of the importance of social distancing and personal hygiene of staff
  • Health officials are also out and about in communities promoting testing and risk reduction messages
  • GP practices in the borough contacting their patients directly to make sure people are getting tests if they have symptoms
Posted on Thursday 30th July 2020