Pavement obstructions

Streetworks, roadworks, skips, scaffolds, hoardings, advertising boards and building materials that block the pavement are all considered to be causing an obstruction to pedestrians.

The adopted footway network should be free for all users. However on some occasions they can become obstructed or even blocked.

The most common causes of obstruction are listed below:

  • A skip or scaffolding is obstructing the pavement
  • No barriers around streetworks/roadworks and building work is affecting pedestrian safety
  • Building materials are blocking the pavement
  • An advertising board is blocking the pavement
  • Banners or bunting is causing an obstruction.

On receipt of a report we will arrange for an Officer to call and inspect the area. If it poses an immediate danger they will arrange for the obstruction to be moved where possible. However if it does not detrimentally affect the public at large a notice will be served on the party responsible for the obstruction giving them 7 days to clear it.

For us to deal with the request promptly we will require an exact location and a description of the obstruction.